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Jesmond Dene, a lovely dell in the northeast of Newcastle, linked to Armstrong Park, must be one of the most attractive city parks in the country. "Dene" is the local dialect term for the type of narrow, glacial meltwater valley which came into being at the end of the last Ice Age. A nature trail has also been laid out in the park, which was made accessible to the general public at the instigation of Lord William Armstrong.






Jesmond Dene



Jesmond Dene is a delightful green valley just outside the city centre.  Being possibly Newcastle's best loved park, Jesmond Dene is an oasis of natural tranquility in a busy city. It is easy to forget you are in an urban area when you are in the sprawling acres of this park and the hours can pass by very quickly.


In between lush greenery there are grassy areas, flower beds, swings for the kids, a pets corner, and bowling greens, and linking them all together is the stream (a tributary of the nearby river Tyne) that runs through the Dene. A good time to visit is on a sunny Sunday morning, when there is a market and craft fair held at the Cradlewell end of the Dene (signposted off the A1058). Well worth a visit for a stroll to forget the stresses of city life.


Jesmond Dene is a unique resource for the people of Newcastle. It is a narrow wooded valley that follows the River Ouseburn between South Gosforth and Jesmond Vale. This provides an important wildlife corridor right into the centre of Newcastle. There is a spectacular mix of native and exotic trees, and the Dene is home to a lot of wildlife, notably the Kingfisher, the Red Squirrel and many woodland birds. The Dene Stretches for over three kilometres and has many areas of tranquility, as well as 'honey pots' of activity.


Pictures on this page have been reproduced with the kind permission of the original photographer. Chris Tweedy has an excellent site with some superb photography of the Geordie kingdom - Please visit his site and enjoy...Chris Tweedy

Jesmond Dene provides strong historical links with 19th Century industrial development and landscape design - Lord Armstrong's influence being very apparent. There is also a large network of paths and bridges throughout.
Near the entrance of Jesmond Dene, just off the Coast Road is Millfield House. This provides a range of facilities including a Ranger Service Information Room, Conference Centre, café and toilets. This part of the Dene also has a large picnic area and a 'Pets Corner'.

Limited parking is available but alternatively there are good public transport links, many buses stopping at the Cradlewell on the Coast Road (A1058).
Other facilities in Jesmond Dene include Paddy Freeman’s boating lake, which also has a play area, toilets and café open on a weekend and holidays. This area can be reached along Freeman Road.


February 10, 2016

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