Newcastle Quayside
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Newcastle Quayside


The quayside is impossible to describe adequately because of its diversity and personality. There are distinctly two completely different quaysides... A daytime one and a night-time quayside. The differences are vast, even the visitors are different. At all times the quayside area is cosmopolitan, chic and attractive yet take on differing roles according to the time of day. Visit here on a Saturday night and then return the following Sunday morning and one can be forgiven thinking you are in a different city in another time zone.

Whole websites have been dedicated to Newcastle Quayside, the selection and variety of pubs and clubs alone could take pages and pages. What you really must do is visit the area and sample for yourself the cosmopolitan, friendly and above all Geordie area and make your own judgements. Only one thing can be certain, whatever opinion you arrive at, I am confident that an emotion you will not feel is disappointment!

Nowhere else in the World has this vibrancy, personality and zest of Newcastle Quayside - So don't take my word for it! Come along and see for yourself and sample Geordielife at its most evocative best.

 The Quayside by day.


The Quayside Sunday Market is one of the largest Sunday Markets in England, attracting up to 100,000 people every week. There are stalls that sell everything from hardware to flowers and all run by traditional market folk. The smells and sounds are unforgettable and often punctuated by free street entertainers.

Development work along the Quayside has produced a clean environment for the market, and the restaurants and pubs of the area offer a variety of eating venues to suit all tastes. Bessie Surtees' House (managed by English Heritage) is opposite the Guildhall, and many of the town's historic landmarks - such as the Castle Keep, St Nicholas's Cathedral, the Black Gate and parts of the Town Wall - are within a short (if steep!) walking distance, and walks along the riverbank offer a break from the crowds.


The Quayside by night.







February 10, 2016

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