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Photography Submission Site Reviews

Please note that ALL photographs on this page are strictly copyright of the photographer.



By far the most impressive of the photo submission sites that I have found so far. The quality of the posted photographs is consistently very high with really stunning images by photographers from all regions. Over 7,500 photographers are registered here and the site is impressive in all ways.

I have posted some of my own photographs here recently and find the fellow photographers comments and help critical where needed and constructive advice freely given. This is the place to be if you genuinely aspire to greatly improve your photography. The work posted by others is very professional and varied. The voting system is top class and every submission is also entered into competitions. All comments are forwarded to you via email so you can quickly judge how your picture is viewed by others.

The posting criteria is sensible with size limitations of 1200x1000 pixels but as a free member you are limited to 3 submissions per week. I really like the viewing aspect on this website. An individual picture is displayed to the viewer in full screen and is supplied with viewing 'tools'. These tools are incredible with a 'magnifier' to inspect detail, a 'black and white' converter to view in monotone and a really good idea of being able to place an arrow and comment on the picture. You can also upload a cropped version of the pic to help (Or otherwise) the original photographer.

The site is jam packed with content without being spoiled with advertisements but takes a little time to get used to features (They are so numerous) and the navigation can be tricky to newcomers.


All in all a superb website with lots of content and absolutely STUNNING photography.


Submission Content (Top Drawer): 95/100
Website Content and design: 85/100
Navigation: 75/100
Overall: 85/100

Full membership: $30 - A bargain! Well worth joining here.

Putting Photography First UK

Having posted here for some months I have suspended myself in the hope that things on the site would improve. Alas that has not happened so I will not comment on this site for the time being.

Cannot place a link because URL is unsuitable!



Submission Content: 25/100
Website Content and design: 35/100
Navigation: 75/100
Overall: 45/100

Full membership: 20 - For what? - Keep your money in your pocket until you get some sort of value, there is nothing here to compete with other sites that charge less and give a whole lot more!



Commonly known to photographers as EPZ Ephotozine is another superb example of a photography submission site with a high quality and diverse range of submissions. Nude and glamour photography is welcome here and is handled by the site in a sensible manner.

Again, I am a full member of this site and it offers superb submission facilities of uploads up to 300k and 1200pixels. Posted submissions are enlarged for the viewer and if you are a full member you are also able to place a link to full size image.

The site runs a 'Picture of the week' contest with every submission entered. The winner receives their picture printed on canvas and mounted! A great incentive.The Forums here are the best I have seen with lots of tuition, help and advice with photography, photoshop, hardware and a host of other subjects.

The site has many features including tutorials, equipment reviews and techniques. You can even download manuals for cameras and equipment!

The members area contains personal details and a collection portfolio of submitted pictures. There is also the facility to create and manage a 'showcase' of best pictures.

This site has a unique voting system which is controlled totally by the visitors themselves. There are also awards given (Readers Choice) if a picture earns more than 30 positive comments (Not easy).

Another award that is a lot harder to attain is the choice of ePHOTOzine editor, Peter Bargh. Not easy to attain so only goes to exceptional photographs.


All in all a brilliant website with lots of content, tutorials and great forums. Quality of submitted photography is superb, with nudes and glamour cleverly and discreetly catered for.


Submission Content (Excellent): 90/100
Website Content and design: 90/100
Navigation: 75/100
Overall: 82/100

Full membership: 27 - Worth every penny, the extra facilities numerous!

Photography website - ePHOTOzine


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Please note: The reviews above form an opinion only and the best way to judge is visit the sites yourself and find what is suitable to your style of photography.


October 02, 2006

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