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The Canon DM XM2 is one of the best camera I've ever seen in my life. This is entry level broadcast quality. Discovery Channel use this camera beacuse its high quality but small. I've only had this camera for only 5 months and I have been well impressed! This camera outbeats all cameras up to the ?,000 value.

These are some of the reasons Geordielife chose this camera for all video work.




Geordielife Video Gallery


Newcastle By Day

Newcastle City Centre is a friendly and vibrant modern metropolis that is cosmopolitan and chic. The mixture of architecture styles and contrasting wide lane thoroughfares and narrow mysterious lanes make this one of Britain's most exciting and surprising cities.



INCA Music in Newcastle

Bands and entertainers of all genres play around the shopping streets of Newcastle. This is one of Geordielife's favourite bands that play the haunting pan pipes of the Incas. This is January 2006 and the band help warm up the shoppers. The bands name is ALXS.




Millennium Austin Powers

A Mini skirted troupe of students and their partners do an impromptu dance for public entertainment.

Music, dancing and lots of fun. One never knows what you will see in the vicinity of the Millennium Bridge!



A Glimpse of Newcastle/Gateshead Quayside

A very short trip around Newcastle Quayside, showing the river traffic and Millennium Bridge. The pedestrian life here is cosmopolitan and there are always surprises in store here.


ALXS at the Monument

ALXS again entertain in this longer video. In the freezing cold of Newcastle in January you can always have fun and enjoy the city. Go see this band at the Monument and buy a CD of their music. Marvel at their talent and mingle with the crowds of Geordies watching....Superb!




South Shields Coastline

The coastline of South Shields is rugged and beautiful with wide open spaces and lots of interesting features. South Shields is a gem of a location to relax or enjoy the full rage of facilities on offer. There is everything here from parklands with lake and hundreds of swans to a full blown fairground adjacent to one of South Shields magnificent beaches.




Lindisfarne (Holy Island)

Lindisfarne is a wonderful island just off the coast of Northumberland and only one hour up the A1 from Newcastle. The island is a great retreat for those seeking peace and tranquility. Photographers love Lindisfarne as it has an abundance of opportunities for ladscapes and wildlife. Visit the castle - it is open every day



Tynemouth, Cullercoats and Whitley bay.

A quick tour of the remarkable Flea Market at Tynemouth metro station then down the high street to the beaches. Follow the costline to Cullercoats and the famous St Mary's lighthouse at Whitley Bay



Tanfield Railway.

The Railway's original purpose was the movement of coal from nearby colleries to ships on the River Tyne. The oldest part, c1647, was the Lobley Hill section, it had over 300 years of coal traffic when closed in 1964. The surviving 1725 Sunniside to Causey section is now the World's Oldest Working Railway and the Causey to East Tanfield section dates from 1839.



Beamish - A Mining town locked in the year 1913









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February 08, 2016

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Sundown on Lindisfarne




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