Geordielife started as a project from Gateshead college in the year 2000 – It is a ‘Geordie’  record of life in the North East of England and in particular Newcastle and surrounding districts.
The website is in its fourth rebuild and we continue to improve the site with the advance of knowledge and technology. An example of this is a wider use of video because broadband is now so much more prevalent.
We hope to carry on providing content and know that the site is welcomed by local people and ex-pats throughout the world. Costs for running a site like this are sometimes prohibitive and ‘Geordielife’ is totally self financing and all work, articles photographs and videos are provided free of charge.
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Was started as a college project and rapidly became an ‘organic’ website and continues to grow and improve.
Geordielife history.
‘Geordielife’ is in it’s fifth rebuild in order to take advantage of more modern technology. Video has recently been added and is proving to be very popular. The webcams were also added and there are plans to install interactive pages and more cameras.

I Love Durham

Is a ‘sister’ site and focuses on Durham County and its mother the City Of Durham. is a new site and is in its infancy.

All web building, writing and editing is done ‘in house’ – The photography, both still and video is also handled and produced in house.

The Editor
Dean Wilson from Gateshead in North East England.
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