Geordie – Mackem – Smoggie?

For the benefit of anyone South or North of ‘Geordieland’ – on this site a ‘Geordie’ is anyone from the North-East of England from south of Teesside through the areas of the Mackems, Smoggies, Sand Dancers and Northumbrians! To most people in U.K. the whole vast area is ‘Geordie’ country…….so be it!
The region LOVES its sport with a passion, especially its football teams, so we’ll try to accommodate all.
‘Geordielife’ is currently being rebuilt after 20 years of success. ‘Geordielife’ needs to be brought up to modern day standards with formats to comply with todays mobile users and social media sites. Over the coming weeks, all the old favourites will be back to their former glory and hopefully another 20 years of writing about our glorious history, landscapes and heritage.

Page in Progress